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Dave (David Hewlett) and Andrew (Andrew Miller) are longtime roommates. Because Andrew is agoraphobic, he never leaves the house. Frustrated by this, one morning Dave threatens to move out. When he arrives at work, he’s accused of embezzling funds and is fired. He goes to his girlfriend’s apartment to tell her he’s moving in, even though they’ve only dated for two weeks. She tells him she’s the one who embezzled the funds, and tosses him out.

Meanwhile, Andrew packs Dave’s belongings into trash bags and takes them outside to the curb. Too late, he realizes that he’s not only outside, but is locked out. A city official (Gordon Pinsent) arrives to announce that the house will be demolished at 3 p.m., then the police arrive to arrest Andrew for assaulting a young girl guide who has been trying to help him get over his agoraphobia, and the RCMP come to arrest Dave for embezzlement.

When Andrew and Dave shout out simultaneously, “Leave us alone!”, they’re engulfed in total silence. Nothing exists outside of their house. They venture out into the nothingness, but return two days later, hungry and exhausted. They figure out that whatever they hate, turns into nothing, which prompts a full-scale war to decide who stays and who goes.

My Impressions

This film rocks. If you haven’t heard our podcast review on this flick, grab it here. This film is truely me. I can’t give it a bad word or phase, hell I might even spell check this review because I love it that much (maybe not). Ok as you can read above it based around 2 guys living together and all hell breaks loose and they “hate” it away. They end up in there house surrounded by nothing.. literily nothing. The set except for the house is completely white. This would seem boring, but it isn’t. These two characters are so interesting to watch that the lack of anything in the background make so difference, it actually hightens the enjoyment. The actors get right into their roles and it just gets witter and stranger until all war breaks out between the two friends. “Hell is spending entinity with your friends in a lcoked room..” and this is exactly that. The film ends in the only what it could (you really need to see it) and though it gets dark and emotional at some points, it is truelly a light hearted film with something to say (I think). I also must note the camera work in this, I couldn’t believe how inventive the whole angles got, and combined with some clear editing, it really makes this film stand out.


I have already stated I love this film. I have subjected friends and family to this film and will do it to more people I meet. If you want to see a great film, get this out or visit me… I am making my “clockwork orange” chair as we speak.

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4 Responses to “Nothing”
  1. avatar Henrik says:

    I fully agree. Nothing is an awesome film and all my mates I’ve forced it on loved it as well. I just said “there’s a film called Nothing, don’t read anything about it beforehand, just grab it and watch it”. Works every time, I think it works even better if you have no idea what to expect. Then I tell them it’s by the guy who did Cube and they go “aahhh, that explains it”.

  2. avatar Q-Dog says:

    absolutely, when they told me it was the cube guy i went…ah i get it now… the dude’s insane!

    anyone seen cube Zero? hypercube was kinda ok, so i wouldn’t mind knowing if the other one is ok…

    The Dog

  3. avatar Henrik says:

    Hypercube was pretty good, course it didnt stand up to Cube 1 but that’s to be expected. Cube Zero is a prequel and is set in a prototype cube and you mostly get to follow the people controlling it. I think it was a fun film, not so much of a mystery anymore but rather focusing on what’s going on in the mind of the people involved. One guy in particular is very over the top and hilarious and in my opinion it’s more entertaining than Hypercube, but obviously can’t deliver in mystery and suspense as the first one did.
    All three have different writers and directors.

  4. avatar Henrik says:

    Ah, it seems Hypercube and Zero was written by the same guy, who also directed Zero.

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