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Star Trek Into Darkness – Movie Review


I’ll admit, I have rather a large ladyboner for both Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto, so when I heard they would be in Star Trek Into Darkness together, I may have flailed.

I flailed quite a lot at the screening too.

But I am a professional* critic, and so I will critique the movie despite this.

Star Trek Into Darkness – terrible title by the way – has major Second Release Syndrome. It wants to please fans of the source material, newcomers, the old the young and the bloggers [of which there were many at the screening].

The film must be making an attempt for the most fan service in one film, and has probably won some kind of medal in this field. I can’t say it wasn’t nice, hearing classic quotes and kinda knowing where the story was going before you got to the spoilers, but this does not mean the film is perfect.

The film has pacing problems. Due to wanting so much squished into 2 hours, the action scenes almost seem to be interrupted by the need to have some moments to fill in the plot and attempt to make you have an emotional connection to the story. The only emotion performances come from [funnily enough] Cumberbatch and Quinto, with one other short other scene [no spoilers] setting up the battles ahead.

The film is beautiful and the CGI has obviously had a lot of time/money effort put in. I saw the film in IMAX 3D, and it really did give a sense of the size, depth, and at times emptiness of space. It also got to show off the size of the spaceships and the detail that went into them. Unfortunately though it also shows off every detail of a person and let me tell you despite being good looking movie stars still have large pores! But kudos to them for being brave enough to have their face blown up to IMAX size.

The action scenes are fast paced, big, and engaging. I wanted more. I wanted them to skip over the quiet, slow, plot driven scenes to get back into the action. That’s what an action movie should be though right – a device for these big, daring, fun scenes of chaos and destruction and punching people in the face. It’s a popcorn movie while the action is on – you’re staring, shovelling the popcorn in just transfixed by the action. But when the action stops you start to wonder how much is left and whether you need to get another drink or if you need to go to the bathroom. But you might miss a reference if you leave!

I’d certainly watch the film again and enjoy it.


*I’m not. Please, if you’d like to pay me to be one let me know.


Do you agree with our intrepid (non professional, Please give her a job) reviewer? Or Is this Trek the Trek you’ve always wanted?  Feedback and Prosper.

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