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Justice League: Doom – DVD Review


When Justice League: Doom (the latest in DC Animated Feature) was first announced, it gained my interest, not only because it was based on ‘Tower of Babel’ written by Mark Waid (who happens to be one of my favourite comic book writers) but it also features the voices of; Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tim Daily as Superman and Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, [ed's note. Plus other Justice league Unlimited TV alumni] coming quite close to a Animated Justice league dream cast.

The story centres around ‘what would happen if one member of the Justice league went rogue.’  Mirror Master sneaks into the Batcave, hacks the bat computer and steals the back-up plans that Batman has put together just in case one JL member turns to the dark side.

Mirror Master is joined by Bane, Cheetah, a newly designed Metallo, Star Sapphire and Ma’alefa’ak in being recruited By Vandal Savage to form The Legion of Doom (this instantly gave me memories of the old ‘SUPER FRIENDS’ series, which can’t be a bad thing). After individual attacks from the Legion of Doom, the JL is left reeling. They are confronted with the fact that they don’t know if they can trust Batman anymore, and must work together (at least one more time) to save the world.

At the beginning I had worries about the quality of the voice acting, when one throw away line “oh crap it’s the Justice league” was delivered very poorly, but once I realized the star power that was involved with this feature I had to fear no more.  With talent like Nathan Fillion, Kevin Conroy, Tim Daily, Susan Eisenburg (Wonder Woman), Michael Rosenbaum (Flash) and Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter) there was nothing to worry about.  Even though in this film I couldn’t really get behind Michael Rosenbaum as The Flash, he just didn’t sound like the flash to me, I would of much preferred fanboy favorite Neil Patrick Harris in the role who has played the Flash in Justice League: The new Frontier. [ed's Note. Michael Rosenbaum was the voice of The Flash in the Justice League TV animated series, however there he was playing Wally West, not Barry Allen]

It is Noteworthy to add that this was the last script by Dwayne McDuffie, who sadly lost his life last year.
This was one of the better DC Animated features, not quite up to the level of Batman: Year one or Wonder Woman, but still this film is a good fun adventure with some conflict within the team, which you don’t see that often. Still this film feels like something is missing, maybe it’s because in the original comic, Aquaman was involved? In this feature captain underwater is replaced by Cyborg. Maybe it might just be a lack of intensity when the lack of trust becomes apparent. Either way this is a film that is worth seeing at least once.

I’m rating this a Cool Minus


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  • Posted: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
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2 Responses to “Justice League: Doom – DVD Review”
  1. avatar Will says:

    I didn’t mind it.

    I found myself thinking “Gee Batman, you’re being a dick” for most of it.. but apart from that I enjoyed it.

    Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern was awesome, and it was good to hear the familiar voices of Alexis Denisof and Claudia Black.

  2. avatar Glinda Squier says:

    I must admit this is the third time I have visited your website and I am loving it! I added your site to my rss reader. Looking forward to see more blog posts!

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