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Yunyu – Dorothy Music Video Launch [Exclusive]

Yunyu – Dorothy Music Video Launch [Exclusive]

Yunyu has been a good friend of (Cool) Shite over the years and we have enjoyed being a part of her bizarre and beautiful world. Her newest venture however has us pretty seriously gobsmacked and deserves your undivided attention for a few short, beautiful, minutes.

Twisted Tales is a collaboration between Yunyu and another Australian talent, Queenie Chan; the insanely talented artist of Tokyopop’s “The Dreaming” and the Dean Koontz best-selling collaboration In “Odd We Trust”. They have worked with the animation house The Commonist to produce a music video for the first song released from Twisted Tales: DOROTHY.

There is little more to be said about this project, other than this: if the standard continues at this level, it will be something truly breathaking indeed.

Now please enjoy this exclusive music video, given to (Cool) Shite on the Tube with much thanks to Yunyu, Queenie Chan and Madman!

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What are you thoughts?  Have you listened to Yunyu before?  Do you love her as much as we do?  Feedback folks!

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2 Responses to “Yunyu – Dorothy Music Video Launch [Exclusive]”
  1. avatar Legendary Emerald says:

    Oh my… that was so much better than I was expecting… and my expectations were really damn high!

  2. avatar Mike Lee says:

    Kinda cool, but her face seems to have about as many expressions as Edward’s. Though at least innocent wonder is far more appealing angsty pouting. Surreal, overall. Gonna have to look up some more Yunyu, as she sounds familiar.

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