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World’s Greatest Dad – Movie Review

World’s Greatest Dad – Movie Review


It’s been a while since my last review. I think I have to explain why. This year, nothing has really jumped out at me. I watch so many movies and TV shows that over time I have become very hard to impress. In fact, it has become hard to feel passionate about most movies. Every now and then something will come along that I really love or absolutely loathe. But with time comes shades of variance. It has become difficult to feel passionate about many entertainment properties lately. Too many remakes, re imaginings, reboots, and sequels have jaded my sense of accomplishment with film of late. All I was really waiting for was something completely original that feels like a slap in the face. It has been along time coming. I never thought that I would find it in a Robin Williams movie. Especially one written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait.

You may remember Bobcat Goldthwait. He was that annoyingly voiced stand up comedian from the 1980s that screeched and squawked his way into our lives through the Police Academy movies. Since delving into obscurity he has been busy. He directed a few segments on Chappelle’s Show, The Man Show, and Crank Yankers. He showed up in a few movies over the years (even though you may not have recognized him), like Blow, and voice work in numerous animated movies and TV shows. Back in 1991 he wrote and directed a great little film called Shakes The Clown about the dark comic truths about being an alcoholic clown (I highly recommend watching this movie). But tonight I watched his newest effort, World’s Greatest Dad starring Robin WIlliams. This is the breath of originality I have been waiting for.

Robin Williams plays Lance Clayton, a poetry teacher at a private school that his son also attends. He is on the verge of losing his job, he has no respect from his peers, he can’t get any of his five novels published, he has to keep his relationship secret, and his son is the biggest asshole in town.

The first half of the movie focuses on his son Kyle (played brilliantly by Daryl Sabara from the Spy Kids movies). This is the most annoying teenager I have ever seen on screen. Just a real jerk of a kid who hates everything except hardcore porn and being a little prick.

But just when you think you are settling in for a dark comedy about dealing with the annoyance of teenagers in a single parent relationship, the film takes a much darker turn. But as it gets darker, it gets a lot funnier. I don’t want to get into too much detail on this, because I believe that it is much better when you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Let me just say that you have never seen a movie like this. Ever. So in the spirit of being spoiler free, allow me to tip toe around the plot a little.

This movie is about how people want to be close to something important. It’s about how people can be fake for their own selfish needs. How you can do unconscionable things when it makes you feel good. It is about admitting the truth about people and how we can all be self serving, even at the expense of truth. World’s Greatest Dad celebrates the honor of honesty.

As I said earlier, I haven’t felt passionate about much I’ve seen this year. This movie will stay in my mind for a long time, and I’m sure it will do the same with you. It gives me hope that film is not dead. We have reached all the way to September and this is the best movie I have seen all year, and probably the best movie I will see this year. If Bobcat Goldthwait doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay then the Academy just aren’t doing their job. Also, this is the best role I’ve seen Robin Williams in since Good Will Hunting.

Please, I cannot recommend this movie more. Go out and see World’s Greatest Dad. If you take it in, the way I did, it will make you a more honest and inevitably a better person.


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  1. avatar otakursed says:

    I was already intrigued with the combo of Williams and Bobcat, and this now has me sold, to be sure! Wonder why I’d not heard a single thing about it ’til just now, though. Guess teh Robin just doesn’t garner the press up and comers like Megan Fox and Richard Pattinson *picks eyes out of own vomit* do.

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