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Shark Repellent Comic Podcast

Going For The Easy – Comic Podcast

Going For The Easy – Comic Podcast

News & Reviews

  • Geoff Johns Aquaman Series
  • Superman Casting
  • FF4
  • Smallville
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • IDW Ninja Turtles
  • Russell Crow
  • The Boys Spin-off
  • Warren Ellis Secret Avengers
  • RoboCop & Terminator
  • Titian Books & Family Guy
  • Batman Reboot
  • Rombie #1 – Early Review – Preorder

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Shark Repellent is the collective genius of Matty D and Bendakk, two over-enthusiastic comic nerds. Matty D has a whole set of X-Men Trading Cards framed and on his wall at home. Bendakk has Marvel Heroes bedsheets and strangely enough reckons the ladies find it a turn on. The truth behind this is yet to be discovered. Follow them on Twitter! twitter.com/The_Matty_D twitter.com/bendakk.

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