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LA Geek Podcast

The Beginning – The LA Geek Podcast

The Beginning – The LA Geek Podcast

A new podcast from out of Los Angeles, California featuring three LA Geeks: Rama, David G. and Scott From LA. Apologies for the sound quality on some of the segments, but they’re still working out the kinks. In this inaugural episode, they recap San Diego ComicCon 2010, talk about their first comics and review DC Comics’ Blackest Night Trade.

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Scott is an art director, writer and comics creator living in Los Angeles. He has been a pop culture maven from a very young age. His very first job was as a manager of a comic book store. He spent several years working in a video store, and yes, we are talking VHS tapes. A student of literature and Writing, he brings his obsessive love of comic book trivia, movie history and science fiction/fantasy writing to bear on the work he does for CoolShite.

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