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Ziiiiip! – Supanova Perth 2010 Special

Ziiiiip! – Supanova Perth 2010 Special

Another year and we have completed the insanity that is Supanova, which means we have a podcast for you. This one features a heap of new and old friends, including Michael Winslow, Leah Gibson, Dichan Lachman, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Joe Kurbert, Tom Taylor, Jennifer Fallon, Black Betty, Stevivor and more.

Listen to how we bring a new grammatical term into play and see if you can implement it in your daily lives.

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3 Responses to “Ziiiiip! – Supanova Perth 2010 Special”
  1. avatar Tricia says:

    this was awesome, would love to see one of your live podcast, Joe Kuburt, how awesome is he, :) you supanova / cool shite guys rock…..

    • avatar Tricia says:

      i love how no one can talk from so much laughter

      • avatar Tricia says:

        so cool, they went to the lone rangers, i love that place, :),, mm maybe i should have waited till i finished listening to it, bofre commenting, lol, oh well,

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