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Still The 12th Man – Podcast Review

Still The 12th Man – Podcast Review

Max Walker wants back on the commentary team and wont take no for an answer. Richie Benaud and the rest of the team are preparing for a match between Australia and India when all hell breaks loose. Will this be Richie’s worst day ever?

  • Year of Release: 1992
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country of Origin: Australia

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4 Responses to “Still The 12th Man – Podcast Review”
  1. avatar Kodo says:

    Ahhhh the 12th Man.. love this stuff. You can all the albums now in a box set for about $50 I think it was, picked it up for my younger brother for Xmas.

    I wonder am I the only sport loving geek left in Australia?? Your summary of the basics of cricket had me in stitches but it’s all good.

    Billy Burmingham has been for last 10 yrs a panelist on a The Back Page which is a sports panel/news show on Foxsports News channel over here in Aus. I believe he also has a show called Pulp sport or something like that on Fuel TV as well, only seen ads for that tho, never watched it.

    Yuou should also play Australiana on the show one day for the “foreigners” and see how much stuff they can pick up. that is another song written by Billy that is forever quoteable and great to listen to as well… what the heck here is a youtube link to it


  2. avatar Bernard says:


    Listened to this today – fab.

    Am in Ireland and to answer your question about whether this was heard outside Australia its a definite yes. I think it took a few years to filter across to England but is certainly well known in a cult type of way. Today in this You Tube age i think folk are especially more aware of the material as you can get it or excerpts of it for free after a quick online search.

    I think the lates eighties and early nineties Australian cricket is a golden age of TV cricket coverage which heralded and indeed was the template of the saturation of satellite cricket from the mid-90′s onwards. Those commentators and characters are legend and mostly still with us today.

    As regards your question whether there are similar comedy in other countries. In Ireland there is one very fine comedy trio called “Apres Match” who do international football rips of the irish (RTE) studio analsysis. They are legend in Ireland and even have spread their wings to rip the piss out of irish celebrities and other irish sports albeit to a lesser extent. They also destroy the English football analysis which is universally dire across all the UK channels. The Apres Match guys generally release a DVD after football’s European Championships or World Cup (ie every two years). The DVD is usually a compilation of the material that was shown after every game in the tournament plus some extra material and is generally a best selling DVD at Xmas time (in even-numbered years).

  3. avatar otakursed says:

    Had never heard of any of these commentators before, much less the “offending party”, Birmingham. So grazi kindly for the intro, which I now can’t get enough of. Here’s something I recently dug up on the YT found that may amuse . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2LwwRfH1ac

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