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Vertical Slice

Vertical Slice – June 6th 2009

Welcome to the new video podcast by Alphaxion on all things gaming and gaming news.

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A random traveller that has pumped way too much time into games, the internet and all things that'll rot your eyes and turn your brain square... In between those things, he used to be a Network Admin for almost 10 years and can usually be found in a pub running his mouth on all manner of subjects!

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2 Responses to “Vertical Slice – June 6th 2009”
  1. avatar Bruce Moyle says:

    This episode looks great. Love the use of overlays and did you get a bigger green screen? Quality of the video is great, now jus got to get the audio up which is only going to happen I guess by getting a lavier mic or a shotgun.

    My only suggestion is to not rely on us being able to read text on the video from screenshots of websites etc. You need to vocalize this.

    Milo looks creepy but interesting, PSPgo will be a flop in my opinion, and Lego Rockband seems to be same game different pain job. Monkey Island coming back is AWESOME!

  2. avatar alphaxion says:

    nope, no change to the equipment, I’m just playing around with the distance between the camera, me and the green screen. Tho I am thinking about a bigger green screen and maybe a brighter shade of green too.

    Sadly, the audio is due to the acoustics of the room – it echos and is a bit shit, so no matter what mic I get it’s gonna sound shit.

    I bought a tie-clip mic but it ended up sounding like that scene from singin in the rain – full of movement squeaks and body noises!

    This will be changing in the future because I might be moving house, we’re looking for somewhere with an extra room so I can set up a permanent studio instead of things having to be moved around all the time as it currently is (I have to set everything up each episode due to the set being in our living room).

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