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Final Fantasy: Advent Children / Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

Final Fantasy: Advent Children / Final Fantasy: Spirits Within



This week we interview Daniel Zachariou, Event Director of Supanova Sydney 2005.

Final Fantasy: Advent Children Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

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Supanova Sydney 2005


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4 Responses to “Final Fantasy: Advent Children / Final Fantasy: Spirits Within”
  1. avatar chu says:

    …have you thought about posting a little something on the supanova forums about cool shite – or would that be a no no??!

  2. avatar Bruce says:

    Daniel has told me that they will put us on the website, but I say he is too busy to do the update at the moment. I want to wait until he posts it, as it is not our place to make the announcement on his site.

  3. avatar mollyfud says:

    Silly question. With such an interesting show with such great personalities, why don’t you jazz up the ads you do for your sponsors?


  4. avatar Bruce says:

    Good question,

    We should really do that, but our sponsors never asked for it. I have thought about doing it, but as per usual, I have forgotten each time.

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