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Immortel / Brotherhood of the Wolf / Red Dwarf

Immortel / Brotherhood of the Wolf / Red Dwarf


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This movie length episode comes in at 30.5 megs.

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4 Responses to “Immortel / Brotherhood of the Wolf / Red Dwarf”
  1. avatar BillthePlayerPawn says:

    Red Dwarf is my favorite show ever. it’s simply wonderful and amazing.
    I actually watched a fair amount of robot wars and shiitty tomb raider films just because I love the cast. best of all, I live in the eastern united states. unfortunately I’ve seen every episode several times and I’ve basically run the entertainment value into the dirt.

  2. avatar Bruce says:

    Hey Bill,

    Welcome to the blog, glad you liked the cast. We could have easily just talked about Red Dwarf until the cows came home and left again. Truely golden TV.

  3. avatar Kerrin says:

    Do they still show Red Dwarf on PBS? I know they use to a few years ago, on late Sunday nights. I was trying to rent Immortel from Hollywood Video about a month ago but all the copies were out for about two weeks straight. As for Brotherhood of the Wolf, I was lucky enough to see it in the theatres with my brother when I came out. It was a great movie, one fo the few we ever get to see in St. Louis. Thanks for your input on films and the laughs.

  4. avatar Bruce says:

    No prob Kerrin, that is what we are here for.

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