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Warners’ Future Is Looking Dark – DC’s New Movie Lineup!

Justice League: The Darkess League of All

Following the unprecedented success of The Dark Knight and the very strong releases that Marvel have made in 2008,
Warners have made a statement regarding their up and coming superhero film slate:

“Warners is very proud of our film franchises and do not wish to do them any injustices when bringing them to the big screen. We have no desire to become formulaic in our releases, or simply ape the trends of our competitors.”, Senior VP Greg Novek said.

As a testament to this new outlook, Warners have released a timeline of their upcoming DC comics related franchises.
This timeline covers not just the next year, but a plan that covers the entire next decade.

2009 will see the release of Green Arrow Begins, Wonder Woman: The Beginning, Green Lantern: Origins and The Flash: The Race Begins.

While 2010 sees the releases of Superman: A New Beginning and the highly anticipated Batman: Darker Knight.

2011 gives us Dark Arrow: Green Arrow 2, Green Lantern: In Darkest Knight, Wonder Woman 2: Darkness Rising, and The Flash 2: The Speed Of Dark.

2012 sees Warners take it in a new, grittier direction however with The Incredible Batman and Superman: Man of Iron which hope to include cameos from most of the DC stable of heroes and villains.

This all leads up to the lynchpin of DC’s movie franchises, Martian Manhunter: The First Member Of The League.

And 2014 will finally see the release of the fabled Justice League: The Darkest League Of All, which will include characters from all the movies previously released.

Not to be outdone, upstart Top Cow Productions, whose Witchblade is due out next year, have announced The Darkness: Dark Beginnings for release in 2015.

No word yet on a re-imagining of Supergirl, but fingers crossed.


  • Written By: David Quinn
  • Contributers: Dion Brooks, Chris Rattray
  • Artwork: Dion Brooks

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