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Life ON Mars?

Life on Mars

The US remake of the Hit UK series, Life On Mars has had some dramatic changes since pilot. US stars Colm Meaney (DI Gene Hunt) and Rachelle Lefevre (WPC Annie Cartwright) have been replaced by Harvey Keitel and Gretchen Mol respectively. Though this isn’t completely new to anyone that follows TV news, it’s the other re-writes that have caused the most controversy.

Series director Gary Fleder told us, “We thought the pilot went really well, and the network (ABC) did too. But we feel we can really make our mark and bring something totally new to the show. We got some leeway on the rescript, and we’re hoping to take the series to a new level! The original pilot was set in 1970′s Los Angeles, but we’re taking a big step and setting the show ON Mars. We believe that this will help American audiences identify with not just the experiences of the characters, but more importantly, the title of the show.”

When pressed further about certain inconsistencies with this new format and the original series, Fleder refused further comment beyond this: “I want to let the show speak for itself. Though, as there is no air on Mars that may be tricky…” he said as he left in his studio-paid limousine.


  • Written By: Bruce Moyle
  • Contributers: David Quinn, Dion Brooks
  • Artwork: Dion Brooks

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