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E3 – Microsoft Wrap-Up

E3 – Microsoft Wrap-Up

Geek gamers rejoice, for it is E3 week!

For those not in the know, E3 stands for “Electronic Entertainment Expo” and is the annual gaming industry’s version of show and tell – most BIG gaming news items are held in reserve to be announced amidst celebrities, game girls (and bois), and flashing strobe. Basically, E3 week means we’ll have more gaming news to fill an entire room of (cool) colostomy bags with. Those with the gaming gene will find it hard to sleep as visions of motion controllers, new killer apps, and leaked sequel information dances about in their heads. (Cool) Shite on the Tube is proud to provide a wrap-up of the most important E3 news, direct from press conferences and the show floor.

First up, a recap of news revealed at the Microsoft media briefing:

  • Sure, this one was pre-E3, but important nonetheless – the Zune HD will be released to directly compete with Apple’s iPod touch and will feature integration with the Xbox 360 through the renamed Zune Marketplace (formerly known as the Video Marketplace on Xbox 360). With a touch screen, a rumoured HDMI port, and rumoured possibility of transferring videos and Xbox Live arcade games for play between your Xbox 360 and the Zune HD, this may be one Zune that’s actually taken seriously!
  • Rock Band: Beatles will be coming to Xbox 360 September 9, 2009.
  • Final Fantasy XIII was demoed on the Xbox 360 and a release date was revealed to be Spring 2010.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction is coming in Fall 2009 as an Xbox exclusive.
  • Forza 3 was revealed as an Xbox exclusive.
  • Halo: Reach was revealed as an Xbox exclusive for release in 2010.
  • Alan Wake won’t go down the path of fabled vapourware Duke Nukem Forever – expect to see it released within the next year, perhaps as episodic content.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 was revealed for Xbox 360 as an exclusive alongside a PC release. The sequel arguably the best new IP of 2008 will feature four new characters and a proper story arc that progresses through each of the campaigns. Expect to see melee weapons, including the mighty chainsaw (groovy, baby!)!
  • Crackdown 2 was revealed for Xbox 360 as another Xbox exclusive.
  • Live Sky TV will be available for UK Xbox owners (what about us Aussies? No Netflix OR Sky?)!
  • Felicia Day’s The Guild has confirmed season three of the popular webseries and got to play a part in announcing some big NXE/interwebs integration news…
  • …such as Facebook, Twitter, AND Last.fm all being accessible through seamless integration into the New Xbox Experience interface.
  • Three words: METAL. GEAR. SOLID. Development is currently underway on Metal Gear Solid Rising, featuring Raiden of MGS2 and 4 as the main playable character. While exclusivity was hinted at, it was never confirmed.
  • The rumours were true: the Xbox 360 is entering into the motion controller game (pun intended) with its “Project Natal” – a motion sensing camera with Minority Report-esque full-body controls, voice and facial recognition, and the ability to scan real-life objects for insertion in-game! If the true experience is truly as its promo video shows, the Nintendo Wii will be facing some fierce competition.
  • Several Project Natal games were demoed, including Paint Party, and Milo. I’m personally more impressed with Milo, being developed by Lionhead (Fable 2), which looks to be mixture of The Sims and Tamogotchi as Milo develops through interaction with a player via the new Project Natal camera.
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What a great first big-corporation press conference! Expect to see more big news ahead from Nintendo, Sony, and big publishing companies like EA – all here on (Cool) Shite!

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5 Responses to “E3 – Microsoft Wrap-Up”
  1. avatar Bruce Moyle says:

    Project Natal looks interesting and even more dangerous than the Wii.

  2. avatar Stevivor says:

    I’ve watched the Project Natal video about five times this morning, showing it off to friends, and I’m still extremely hopeful and impressed!

  3. The Sky TV through the xbox seems interesting to me since moving rooms I been without TV in my room since there isn’t a working areal.

    The Social Networking interface will be GREAT for me since I have so many friends on different places.

    If I wasn’t really looking forward to playing Little Big Planet I might switch my future PS3 purchase to a Future 360 purchase.

  4. avatar Ted says:

    Project Natal looks like the natural extension of the Playstation Eye-Toy, I’m glad things are going that way rather than the Wii controller based system. Very impressive!

  5. This looks awesome. definately cant wait.

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