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Who ya gonna call? Cute Widdle Ghostbusters!

Who ya gonna call? Cute Widdle Ghostbusters!

2009 is the 25th Anniversary of one of the films which shaped my childhood, a film with an iconic soundtrack, spinoff cartoons, an underwhelming sequel and the biggest cutest bad guy ever. The film is Ghostbusters and the bad guy; The “Staypuft Marshmallow Man” and now a full quarter century after its theatrical release we get so see the Ghostbusters as we have never seen them before…


gf_posterArt Asylum have, in the past, brought us some damn cool toys including the beautiful “Silen Screamers” line which gave us toys of Silent horror films like “Nosferatu” and “The Cabinet of Dr Caligari“. These days their continually biggest selling line is their “Minimates.” Much like Medicom’s “Kubricks” they are small scale posable figures based on a huge variety of unusual properties. They are sold at a pretty reasonable price point and have covered properties which would probably not be deemed worthwhile of a large scale figure, series like Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future and recently The Godfather!

Now Ghostbusters gets the “Minimates” treatment! These tiny little buggers constantly amaze me by their ability to capture the essence of a character with only a generic body shape, some well thought out accessories and fantastic artwork. Look past the lack of noses and you’ll see that “Egon” really does look like Harold Ramis Circa 1984! The “Terror Dogs” also look like a cute-ified version of the film’s iconic monsters and will no doubt look fantastic on top of my computer monitor!


The only question: Is this the only way to get a Rick Moranis action figure? And for that matter how long do i have to wait for a “Little Shop of Horrors” series?

All four Ghostbusters will be coming out along with a Staypuft Marshmallow man and of course SLIMER! check out more like this at Artasylum.com

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  • Posted: Sunday, March 8th, 2009
  • Author: Q-Dog
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7 Responses to “Who ya gonna call? Cute Widdle Ghostbusters!”
  1. avatar brob says:

    very cute indeed.

    Unfortunately, these are exactly the kind of thing that i tend to find in the departments store, pick up, examine very closely, think fondly about and then put back down, thinking “I really can’t afford to be spending money on this”.

    God i yearn for the carefree days when i had toys adorning every part of my room, plenty of time to peruse this stuff in the nearest Toys ‘r Us and cash to burn.

    Ah well, enough about last week…….

  2. avatar Romain says:

    25 years after its release, Ghostbusters is still one of the most iconic films ever made.

    A cult classic that still inspires people today.
    Here’s a French commercial that proves it!


    • avatar Q-Dog says:

      Euro-trash Ghostbusters!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! thanks Romain, thats so cool to see that its still in the collective consciousness of the entire world… even france! lol.

      i REALLY want a new Ghostbusters movie please.

  3. Where is Ernie Hudson’s character (the black one)? If it will have all of the ghostbusters I will definitely be getting a pack.

    • avatar Q-Dog says:

      Don’t worry man, Ernie is in the selection i have just not shown that picture. His character is in the assortment. Art Asylum are no racists as far as i can tell. all is right with the world. i just want all 4 of the busters and the two terror dogs please!!!

      Art Asylum? are you listening?


  4. To be honest I would really like to get a pack with all of the ghostbusters, their car, and maybe slimer (I think that was his name) . I don’t know why, but I always found the car to be pretty cool, maybe also the trap would be great.

    Basically I think I want a full playset.

  5. avatar Q-Dog says:

    i know i’ll be gunning for a 4 pack… an in scale ecto 1 would be awesome (The car) but i really like the terror dogs too!

    now if only we could get tiny widdle voice chips in there too.

    or maybe an electronic glowing fridge accessory!

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