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Supanova Brisbane 2009 – Podcast Special

Supanova Brisbane 2009 – Podcast Special

Melbourne & Brisbane 2009 Supanova Podcast recording from Qdog’s hotel room.

Listen to the amount of people we can pack into a small confined space.

Here are some photos of the event.

Supanova Brisbane 2009 Podcast Recording

Supanova Brisbane 2009 Podcast Recording

Photos by Bro B.

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10 Responses to “Supanova Brisbane 2009 – Podcast Special”
  1. avatar Katrina (elvishkat) says:

    Ahhh what do I have to do to get in on one of these next time?? Write articles, actually send some voicemail? I’ll just latch onto Quinny and not let go til you pry him from my cold, dead, Brisnova volunteering fingers :P.

    Haven’t finished listening yet, but I’m hiding amongst the audio equipment or something next time. Just you wait. :D

    Thanks for posting!!

  2. avatar Bruce Moyle says:

    Sorry you missed out Katrina.

    We didn’t except so many people wanting to be apart of it. We made try to do it on the down-low as we wanted to try something different. This would have worked except we had a heap of gate crashers (or room crashers).

    We need to work something better out for next year. It’s just too damn popular.

    All suggestions welcome.

    • avatar Katrina (elvishkat) says:

      It’s fair enough, having listened to the second half I can see how hard it must be now that so many people want to come. I guess unless you have a guest list it’ll have to change in future years.

      If that many people want to come, perhaps you could designate ‘audience’ and ‘podcasters’ especially if you’re able to get some special guests to come informally. Though I guess making it more like a panel takes away the informal ><.

      I don’t know, I guess it’s gotta get bigger or smaller (or you’re going to have to get a bigger, more soundproof venue). If you rent a venue it’s going to cost, and though I’d personally be happy to chip in a bit of dosh not everyone would. Hell, I’d offer you my house to podcast in if it wasn’t so far away from the showgrounds :P. If you need someone to help suss out Brisbane venues I’m happy to contribute. Just throwing some ideas out there, best of luck for the next conventions!


  3. avatar Clintwood Fro says:

    FUNNELCAKE!¬!¬!¬!”¬! fucking awesome…

    Arg.. I would have flown from the UK to been in that room. lol


  4. avatar Greg says:

    Fantastic podcast. Dana was talking about this on his last podcast.
    Also if you wanted to do one in Melbourne, I have access to a conference room in my inner city appartment, it has table, chairs, fridge, toilet, etc (I think there is a smoking area next to the BBQ).

    Looking forward to the next big podcast.

  5. avatar otakursed says:

    I am greatly saddened at there being no revisitation of Q’s mom’s beef curtains. However, someone did mention funnel cake, which I guess suffices as a substitute. btw, this was the greatest introduction party I’ve ever heard. Then again, I think it’s the only one I’ve ever heard . . . of.


  6. avatar Brian Studler says:

    10 minutes of fucking “My Fair Lady” jokes… what a bunch of idiots. I mean that with love and respect.

    • avatar Q-Dog says:

      Its fucking astonishing isn’t it! i’ve groaned a custard on your face! ffs! well thanks for chiming in. its just like old times.

      big love to dave and dana too!

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