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RED – Movie Trailer

RED – Movie Trailer

Retired, Extremely Deadly? Really Effing Dull? Rolling Everyone’s Dollars? Ooh! I know!!! Riding Electric Dolphins!  When your film title is an acronym you have the potential for folks to not have a clue what you’re actually saying. Thankfully with it’s crazy pants cast line-up, RED is in no danger of slipping past anyone.  Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovitch…. you’d be forgiven for thinking that maybe this was an artsy film about growing older with dignity.  Add some Bruce Willis and maybe it’s a more comedic take on the theme…  I doubt anyone is expecting a balls to the wall explosive action comedy of RED, with Mirren playing an expert in wetwork (killing folks) and Malkovitch chewing scenery as one of the most drugged men in the world of international espionage.

It also features our mate Karl Urban back in the spy saddle for some more biffo.  It looks like lots of silly-ass violent fun with some great actors clearly enjoying themselves! check it out! In case you were wondering, yes it’s based on a comic, this one by acclaimed writer Warren Ellis!


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What do you think?  Do we all need to dose ourselves up on HUGE amounts of Acid like Malkovitch’s character, just to make this seem enjoyable?  Or is it going to be as much fun as it looks?  Write your deep insightful feedback below!  Really Excellent Discussion?  Roughly Entirely Derivative!  Feedback damn you!

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