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Inception – Movie trailer

Inception – Movie trailer

Christopher Nolan isn’t one to rest on his laurels, Ok, so he made one of the biggest grossing movies of all time and reinvented the most enduring superhero of the last 50 years. So what? Can he make more good films? Apart from Memento, Insomnia, and Batman Begins… yeah apart from those. Inception is his next film and lets be frank here… He’s clearly lost his magic.  This looks like a boring emotional romantic comedy with too many puppy dogs and a bunch of flowers.

Or it could be a taught psychological thriller set inside the world of dreams in which people steal corporate secrets from dreaming hosts.  Until they need to do something even harder, implant an idea. It could have a huge cast of great actors and some eyepopping visual effects.  But it probably won’t… because nobodies that cool.

Ok in all seriousness, this is one of the few trailers running around for Christopher Nolan’s new psychological espionage thriller Inception.  The film looks astonishing and i can guarantee the sequence where the city is bending up into the sky…. well that will be worth seeing in a cinema, no question! It’s got a killer cast and now that we hav a clue about it’s premise… well, i’m flat out excited! Check it out!


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I’m pretty sure Nolan’s got my fifteen bucks when this bad-boy opens, and what’s more, they don’t seem to have felt the need to make it all 3-D!  God forbid a filmmaker just rely on actual craft?! What do you think?  Does it all make sense to you?  Feedback damn you!

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One Response to “Inception – Movie trailer”
  1. avatar Dee says:

    The trailers for this have me waffling somewhere between really damn excited and not sure if the concept is workable. But then, I thought that about Memento, so… I guess I’m hoping for the best, but prepared for it to not be brilliant.

    Fact is, it will be a stunning movie visually, and the cast is strong. Which means that Nolan and Hoyt’s will get my $17.50 as I will definitely be seeing this at the theatre.

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