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The Road – Trailer

The Road – Trailer

Viggo Mortensen has done some great stuff since finishing that big movie with all the midgets and trolls. Everone enjoyed Eastern Promises and the bizarre naked bum slapping fight. And his other film a History of Violence again showed us his naked ass in an uncomfortable looking sex scene. He kicked seven shades of shit out of Demi Moore in G.I. Jane and has glowered his way through a film mostly about a horse too. Yet we love him all the more for it.

His next acting role is based on the acclaimed 2006 novel by Cormack McCarthy “The Road” a post apocalyptic story of a family trying to survive in the utmost trying times. The film is being directed by John Hillcoat and along with Viggo stars Charlise Theron and Guy Pearce. It also has the guy from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Go figure.

This trailer looks utterly amazing, with some really beautifully shot scenes. It also shows some of the action and gives a truly disturbing view of the world that lives on after civilisation has fallen.

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Have you read the book? Does this capture the feel? are you looking forward to more Naked Viggo Bum? let us know feedback on the blog or even…THE FORUMS!!!!

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3 Responses to “The Road – Trailer”
  1. avatar romain says:

    I haven’t read the book yet but from what I hear it’s pretty gruesome. Viggo seems to be great fit for the role.

  2. avatar ozkrenske says:

    I read the book a fair while ago.

    It had the normal logical faults of many post apocalyptic films. Namely the most prepared and able to survive (the military, cops, etc) somehow mostly vanish. The lower scum seem to survive in enough numbers to be problems.

    The book was very dark. Full on zombie (unthinking not actual zombie) canibal apoc with most nice people either dead or dead soon after being met.

    The thing with the book was the strength of its writing, it won the pullitzer, not really for the plot or story but from the writing form and structure. It will be interesting to see how that beautiful prose can be displayed in a different medium when the story is not exactly new.

    By the way the book is not set at the disaster but rather ~10 years after. The boy is born as ‘it’ happens and his mother eats a gun in depression. The father and son move away from safety as food and resources run out and they have to take to the road. Not sure if it will be that way in the movie.

    It could be Good (‘children of men’ style), Blah (‘Mad Max 3′) or Bad (the scottish canibal flick I refuse to name). The trailer hints at Good.

  3. avatar The Warhead Chicken says:

    I would easily list ‘The Road’ as one of my favorite books of all time and as such am both excited and worried to hear of the film version, it has the potential to be great but you never know…
    The only problem I have with the trailer is that, awesome as it looks, if they’ve stuck to the book it’s probably misrepresentative of the amount of action. Violence in the book was rare but horrific, whereas there’s alot of action in the trailer. That said the trailer was always going to focus on those aspects.
    I thouroughly reccomend the book and remain hopeful about the film.

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