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  • Posted: Thursday, January 15th, 2009
  • Author: Bruce Moyle
  • Filed Under: Feedback Show


3 Responses to “Cool News & Your Views – Cougar Bouquet”
  1. avatar GalacticPenguin says:

    DAMMIT! I sent in a voicemail but you didn’t play it D:

    but to be fair, all of my topics were allready addressed in this cast: 9, the best and worst review, posting video reviews and what i got for Xmas (Kangarooza)

    But still, this puts me in a grump >:( hrmphh

  2. avatar Q-Dog says:

    i’ll wear the blame for us not getting to it mate, i had to dash away and as such we didn’t get through as much voicemail etc as we should have. one of these days we’re not going to talk about film news at all, it will be PURE feedback. one day.

    but for now, just wait til next week. de grump yourself now…

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